Colaboración con la UGRVICTOR Translator’s development was finished long time ago and the last phase of the project is the enlargement of the dictionary.
For that, we have worked with professors and students from the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting of the University of Granada.

From January to May 2011 they have been inserted thousands of new expressions, turns of phrase, patterns, etc. enlarging in this manner the glossaries included in the dictionary.

The selection of new terms inserted was made taking into account the most interesting and general glossaries or thematics.

March, the 22th, monday, 8 PM

Place: Hotel Meliá Castilla, C/ Capitán Haya, 43

Speaker: Fernando Moreno-Torres Camy, business manager of BERCA Translator

As on previous occasions, we will make a brief review of the project – over 15 minutes– and, in particular, we explain VICTOR’s key features, which turn the program into a new referent due to the quality of its results.

Later, we translate some especially complicated sentence examples; that is, sentences that include phrasal verbs, different translations for the same word, idioms,  etc.

Finally, we will start the question time in which attendants will extend the information about the product and its commercialization.

Hereinafter, a cocktail will be served around 9 pm.

You can confirm your attendance by calling 958.215.280 or by sending an e-mail to



Tiny Spanish Software Firm to Present Ground-Breaking English-Spanish Machine Translator at CeBIT IT Trade Fair

Granada, Spain, Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Industry heavyweights—including companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft–have a surprise in store for them at the 2010 CeBIT trade fair in Hannover, Germany the first week in March. MTC Soft, a tiny—15 employees–Spanish software firm will be challenging their primacy in automatic translation from English into Spanish with VICTOR Translator, a ground-breaking new product.

This new machine translator, which debuted in Barcelona last October, aroused a lot of interest in translation circles due both to its innovative approach to the problem and to its sparkling results. “What was clear from the beginning,” says Fernando Moreno-Torres, MTC Soft’s CEO, “was that nobody had achieved a level of translation from English to Spanish sufficiently exact for professional use, and to do so would require a fresh analysis of the problem.”

That “fresh analysis” came from a 20-year-veteran translator from the European Commissionin Brussels. “She had worked with all the most important machine translators,” says Moreno-Torres, “and was intimately acquainted with their strengths and weaknesses. That specific experience in the field, coupled with her professional formation in linguistics, permitted her to create a totally new approach to the problem, an outline which made everything possible. The secret lay in a previous linguistic analysis of the text. Based on this fresh start, our programmers were able to come up with the breakthrough. In the end their solution entails submitting each word of the text to 180 parsing and analysis routines. The whole development process took nearly 10 years.”

Does this mean we now have a human-quality translator for professional use? “Not quite yet,” says the MTC Soft director, “but we’re getting a lot closer. With an effectiveness index of 95%–and rising–the translations done by VICTOR require a minimum of revision and represent a highly-viable commercial proposition today.”

What’s so unique about VICTOR Translator? “The answer to that question is simple,” says Moreno-Torres, “VICTOR Translator makes good translations, something not achieved yet by any other English-Spanish automatic translator on the market.” He adds, “The reason that machine translators return so many erroneous and irrelevant results is that they only read the words in the documents translated, not the sense of the words. With its rigorous linguistic analysis approach VICTOR Translator changes all that. Now English-to-Spanish translation clients have access, for the first time, to near-human-quality translations.”

Your contact for further information at CeBIT 2010
Fernando Moreno-Torres
Hall 3 Stand D17 (7) MTC Soft stand at the Spanish area
Mobile: +34 609 575 000

III Conference on Andalusian e-Science


Paper: Parsalyzer, a new tool for improving Internet searchesPonencia:
Author: Fernando Moreno-Torres Camy (MTC SOFT)
The amount of information available on Internet is so huge that keyword searches return so many erroneous documents that it makes them ineffective, especially in cases which use common search terms. A solution to this problem is to “enrich” the texts before indexing them, so as the additional information can be used to elaborate more selective indexes which give search engines greater filtering possibilities.
By using an exhausting linguistic analysis we’ve developed a computer program, PARSALYSER, which effectively labels every word with its linguistic attributes. PARSALYZER achieves this labelling automatically and at a very low computational cost. The texts enriched with this software represent a much more valuable raw material than simple plain text without attributes.
They open up a whole set of new possibilities, among them the filtering of Internet searches.

On October 27, 2009, MTC Soft, a small Spanish software company based in Granada, Spain, presented the commercial version of their latest product in their home town. VICTOR Translator is a new English-to-Spanish machine-translation program.

In a half-hour presentation Fernando Moreno-Torres, CEO of MTC Soft, explained the most innovative aspects of the new product. Based on an exhaustive linguistic analysis of English texts, the program yields translations which set a new benchmark for automatic translating.

Moreno-Torres’ presentation included, of course, demonstrations of real-time translations done by VICTOR, permitting the audience of academics and translation professionals to see the difference for themselves.

Don Jesús Quero, Director of the Granada Tecnological Park for Health Sciences, introduced the presentation, citing the origins of the project, which he knows well, as he formed part of the jury with awarded MTC Soft with the prize for the best R+D+i project in the first edition of the Andalusian Information Society Prizes.

For more information please phone:  +34958.215.280 or email

Last October 17 VICTOR Translator was officially presented to the translating community as part of the program of the Machine Translation, Past, Present and Future Conference organized by in Barcelona.

After four years of development work the academics and translation experts attending the conference could see this new product for themselves discovering that it represents an authentic revolution in machine-translation quality.

In a half-hour presentation Fernando Moreno-Torres, CEO of MTC Soft, explained the most innovative aspects of the new product. Based on an exhaustive linguistic analysis of English texts, the program yields translations which set a new benchmark for automatic translating. The most avid of those present had the opportunity to try the program personally.

Last May 30 we  presented the Beta version of VICTOR Translator, the new English-to-Spanish machine translator which we created for the translation firm, Berca Translator.

The presentation took place in the auditorium of the new offices of the Granada Chamber of Commerce with an audience of academics and translation professionals.

The new translator (“VICTOR” for friends) had aroused a lot of interest in professional translation circles due to its innovative approach to creating a new machine translator.

Our director, Fernando Moreno-Torres, explained why interest was running so high: “Until now nobody had achieved a machine translator capable of undertaking professional translation work. In order to do so we had to start again from zero with a new analysis of the problem.”
This new analysis came from a professional translator and linguist with more than 20 years’ experience in the European Commission in Brussels. “Her contribution of linguistic analysis was the key to the whole project.” said Moreno-Torres, “permitting us to create an automatic translator which is significantly superior to those that have gone before. We’re talking about results on the order of 95% correct, and rising.”

The presentation of the product – that took place after 4-year experience working VICTOR Translator’s development – was presented by Moreno-Torres. Translators, academicians, businessmen and authorities were fascinated by this presentation.

It consisted of a theoretical part that Moreno made more interesting with explanations and diagrams of the product creation process, and also of a practical part where VICTOR demonstrated all of its might with live translations of unusual subtlety.

The interest, that VICTOR was aroused among attendants, was became clear when the speaker had to answer so many questions after finishing his speech. In the end, Moreno-Torres had to insist that the remaining questions could be answered in the lobby of Granada Chamber of Commerce while the attendants had the opportunity to enjoy a glass of Spanish wine.

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