On October 27, 2009, MTC Soft, a small Spanish software company based in Granada, Spain, presented the commercial version of their latest product in their home town. VICTOR Translator is a new English-to-Spanish machine-translation program.

In a half-hour presentation Fernando Moreno-Torres, CEO of MTC Soft, explained the most innovative aspects of the new product. Based on an exhaustive linguistic analysis of English texts, the program yields translations which set a new benchmark for automatic translating.

Moreno-Torres’ presentation included, of course, demonstrations of real-time translations done by VICTOR, permitting the audience of academics and translation professionals to see the difference for themselves.

Don Jesús Quero, Director of the Granada Tecnological Park for Health Sciences, introduced the presentation, citing the origins of the project, which he knows well, as he formed part of the jury with awarded MTC Soft with the prize for the best R+D+i project in the first edition of the Andalusian Information Society Prizes.

For more information please phone:  +34958.215.280 or email direccion@mtcsoft.es