March, the 22th, monday, 8 PM

Place: Hotel Meliá Castilla, C/ Capitán Haya, 43

Speaker: Fernando Moreno-Torres Camy, business manager of BERCA Translator

As on previous occasions, we will make a brief review of the project – over 15 minutes– and, in particular, we explain VICTOR’s key features, which turn the program into a new referent due to the quality of its results.

Later, we translate some especially complicated sentence examples; that is, sentences that include phrasal verbs, different translations for the same word, idioms,  etc.

Finally, we will start the question time in which attendants will extend the information about the product and its commercialization.

Hereinafter, a cocktail will be served around 9 pm.

You can confirm your attendance by calling 958.215.280 or by sending an e-mail to