We consider that VICTOR Translator is a finished product in its programming – the essential part of the translator.

However, VICTOR has a limitation that restrains the desired results when we translate depending on the type of text: the dictionary.

One of VICTOR’s great strengths is its capacity to vary the translation for an English word according to the context – that means, the sentence in which this word appears.

VICTOR’s dictionary – with more than 400,000 entries – allows “contextualize” the words subtly. This clearly advantage has an important difficulty: for each word’s
translation it is necessary to indicate the context in which the word is included.

The fact is that the dictionary should be increased to embrace all the richness of the language – the words are enough but it is a lack of some possible “situations” in which the words appear.

This inconvenience is solved when VICTOR translates texts about the same topic or with the same glossary and, indeed, some customers nowadays translate using VICTOR with a very good result. Notwithstanding, when VICTOR translates texts with poorly developed glossaries, the result is not so good.

Summing up, if you want to translate long texts about a recurrent topic, VICTOR Translator can be very useful. Nevertheless, if the topic is varied, you should be patient until the dictionary will be completed with new topics